See the Dragons 

A Collection of Zen Haiku


See the Dragons explores three types of love: romantic, unrequited and spiritual. These haiku sprung from the insight of expanding awareness through a daily meditation practice.

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"As my eyes glide across the pages of E.B. Littlehill's See The Dragons, images of balanced backhands, perfect pliés, and meditative moves meant to both strengthen the body and enlighten the mind, remind me of a need to feed the world with beauty & peace. Reading this lovely collection of Haiku becomes an exploration of the best parts of one's soul. Yoga for the brain, too often filled with insane rage. E.B.'s Haiku will pour hope over your entire being."

reg e gaines ~ poet, lyricist, playwright, Bring in ’da Noise, Bring in ’da Funk


"There is a harmony and power unique to the Haikus of E.B. Littlehill, one can feel that they come from a special place, a space of ever-growing awareness. She beautifully explores three sides of love - the romantic, the unrequited, and the spiritual, elegantly taking the reader on a memorable journey through the ups and downs of the human experience."

Yung Pueblo, meditator, writer, speaker, author of Inward

"E.B. Littlehill imbues Haiku with her own existential twist, taking us on a personal journey of lust, and longing, and light. Through mindfulness and radiant presence, she describes the path to self-awareness, to “It was never you,” that is our final dawning. The secret is in the present moment, and E.B. Littlehill takes us there."

Donna Rockwell, PsyD, specializing in celebrity

mental health & mindfulness teaching

"E.B. Littlehill’s See the Dragons is pure word-craft and pure pleasure. In this collection of Haiku inspired by Zen thought, E.B. transforms the things all around us that we see and feel into micro- bursts of rapture and song. I didn’t want to stop reading See the Dragons, each turning of the page bringing more pure delight to the eye and ear."

John Barrale, author of Shakespeare’s Moths & Managing Editor of the Red Wheelbarrow anthologies